This family’s horror movie gender reveal is spooky as heck

Judy and Gavin Holt are expecting their second child! And while you may not know their names, you’ll definitely remember their gender reveal video.

For the uninitiated, a gender reveal is pretty much what it sounds likea social media post that announces the fetus’sex so that a pregnant person can disseminate the news easily to their friends and loved ones. Some people throw gender reveal parties. Some people do nothing at all. But thishusband and wife wedding photographer duoused theirequipment to filmsomething over-the-top instead of posting a Facebook status or a sonogram pic like a mere mortal might.

As a sequel to their also-viral 2015 pregnancy announcement, the couple directed a four-minute horror film co-starring their toddler to announce the new baby’s gender, and it is… chilling.

Things pick upwhen they ask a Ouija board about the baby’s gender and get wilder from there:

Where are the children from the driveway??!?

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